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Power Flushing

Best Power Flushing Services in Canterbury & Ashford

When your house needs a power flush

Is your central heating system performing poorly?  It may be clogged full of rust, sludge, and other debris.  We Do Plumbing Ltd can restore your central heating system to good working order with a power flush — an intense cleaning process to remove gunk that may be impairing your property’s heating system.

Power flushing pushes special chemicals through your central heating system to remove any contaminants.  This improves the performance of the central heating system and ensures it continues to work efficiently.

We Do Plumbing Ltd specialises in power flushing and have been delivering this service to the residents of Kent for over 10 years.  During that time, we have developed a reputation for reliability, professionalism and affordability.

All work is performed by skilled tradesman with the correct licenses and registrations.  Our company is also registered with Checkatrade, Gas Safe and Trusted Traders — so you know we are a company you can trust.  All work is fully guaranteed and our rates are competitive.

If you are looking for a power flushing in Canterbury, Ashford and surrounding areas, contact our team via  01227 687 068 or through our our contact form.  You can also read on to learn more about how power flushing works and why you should choose We Do Plumbing Ltd.

How does power flushing work?

The process begins with one of our tradesmen inspecting your property’s heating system to determine its condition.  This inspection is performed to ensure that the heating system can be power flushed safely.

They will then connect a pump to the heating system.  This pump will be used to push special chemicals through the boiler, pipes, and radiators.  These chemicals will remove sludge, limescale, and rust from the system.  They chemical solution also contains a corrosion inhibitor which will protect your heating system from rust.

This process removes any sludge from radiators that may be preventing them from working correctly.  Removing radiator sludge will restore their heating capacity and improve their reliability.  Each radiator will get hot faster and stay hot.  The power flush will also cleans boiler parts, helping them function correctly.  This includes valves, pipes, and other important heating components.

The contaminated water produced by the power flush will be collected and disposed of.  Our tradesman may also use tools to dislodge any stubborn blockages in the heating system.  Once the process has been completed, they will test the operation of the heating system and measure its temperature at various locations.  The temperature readings will be compared to results prior to the power flush.

Performing a power flush can take anywhere between 5 to 10 hours.  The duration is based upon the condition of your central heating system and the size of the installation.

If there are any components which are heavily damaged, they may need to be replaced.  Our qualified tradesmen will be able to identify any components which are too deteriorated to continue being used.

We Do Plumbing Ltd always uses Kamco machine power flushing equipment and chemicals for our power flushing jobs.  Kamco is the leading provider of power flushing equipment and chemicals.

Our team can also install or replace MagnaClean boiler filters.  They are powerful magnetic filters that can trap metal produced by the boiler corrosion — collecting it before it can accumulate in other parts of the boiler.

 Signs that your boiler might need a power flush

There are a few warning signs that indicate a central heating system may have blockages or is filled with a lot of gunk.  They include:

  • Old radiators not getting fully hot
    If some radiators have cold spots or cannot reach their full temperature, it may be because they contain gunk. You might also find that the pipes going to the radiator are hot, but the radiator itself is cold.  A power flush will remove these contaminants and help your radiators function correctly again.
  • Radiators have leaks
    Radiators that contain gunk will often develop small leaks.
  • Poor performing boiler
    If your boiler often shuts down and needs to be restarted, it is a sign that the system is packed with sludge and needs to be cleaned. Your boiler might also become very noisey and take a long time to heat up.
  • Cloudy tap water
    If the water from the boiler is cloudy it means there is a lot of limescale in the system. It may also display other colours if there is a lot of rust and debris in the system.  In severe cases, you may find that you cannot bleed water from your radiators because they are so packed full of sludge.

 What are the benefits of power flushing?

If your central heating system contains a lot of gunk, power flushing can dramatically improve its performance.  You will experience:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Radiators will get hotter quicker
  • The entire heating system will be quieter
  • Hot water temperatures will be higher
  • The system will be more reliable
  • The system will last longer

Why choose We Do Plumbing Ltd for power flushing?

High-quality power flushing equipment and chemicals

Our company uses Kamco power flushing equipment and chemicals for all power flushing jobs.  Kamco products are extremely effective and will throughly clean your central heating system.

 All work is performed by qualified tradesmen and fully guaranteed
Our tradesmen are fully licensed and carry the appropriate certifications for all plumbing, heating, and drainage tasks.  All work is also fully guaranteed.

MagnaClean filter installation
MagnaClean filters are very useful for keeping central heating systems running efficiently.  Our experienced tradesmen can install or replace MagnaClean filters to keep your boiler running as smoothly as possible between maintenance sessions.

A locally owned and operated business

We Do Plumbing Ltd has been serving the people of Kent for over 10 years.  We provide power flushing services to all towns and cities within a 25-mile radius of Canterbury including Whitstable, Faversham, Margate, Folkestone, Dover, Deal, Ashford, and New Romney.

Affordable power flushing
We offer very competitive rates for all power flushing and boiler maintenance services.  Contact us today for a 100% free and obligation-free quote.

To book a power flush, contact We Do Plumbing Ltd on  01227 687 068 or via our contact form.

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